Young stars from Mercedes-Benz.

Our best pre-owned vehicles.
Young Stars

The solid workmanship, durability and high value preservation with which Mercedes-Benz is synonymous also make our vehicles highly prized as pre-owned or “nearly new” cars. Our motto “the best or nothing” is of course also our guide when it comes to our Young Stars as well.

Our Young Stars are stringently tested pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles in top condition, including an extensive package of guarantees1. When you choose to buy a Young Star, you are opting for much more than just a used car: you’re opting for the great feeling of driving a Mercedes.

Warrantees and guarantees:
  • 24-month vehicle guarantee
  • Maintenance-free for six months (up to 7,500 km)
  • HU/AU test seals awarded less than three months ago
  • Mobilo mobility guarantee (valid throughout Europe)
  • Mileage check

Stringently tested quality.

The quality of a Young Star can only be provided by a Mercedes-Benz in top condition. As such, all Young Stars have to undergo and pass a strict used-car check. The most recent TÜV approval (MOT equivalent) and emissions test may not have been longer than three months ago. The next maintenance check will not be due until at least six months have passed (up to 7,500 km). Workshop managers and sales advisers attest to the flawless condition of the vehicle when they sign the certificate belonging to your Young Star.